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Hans Wolfgramm

Hans began fencing foil as an 8 year old living in Singapore. He has trained intensively with some of the top coaches in the country: Josef Mirkin, Alice Liu, Peter Ho, Paul ApSimon, Manuel Guittet, and Josh McGuire, as well as the Danish national coach, Ferenc Toth. This diversity of training helped Hans develop a well-rounded, adaptive fencing style that carries over into his approach towards coaching. His top results as an athlete are: Cadet – Nationals silver, national team selection, Junior – nationals silver, Senior – multiple top 8s at the national level, quadruple OUA gold, 2015 University Games National Team selection. He holds an honours bachelor’s degree in cognitive science, with a specialization in ’embodied insight problem solving’, and the associated ‘flow states’ (or being ‘in the zone’). At 21 Hans left fencing for the better part of a decade. During this time he became reacquainted with ‘kalaripayat’ a martial art from South India that he had practiced as a child. He has trained with some of the most renowned kalaripayat masters in the world, most notably Phillip Zarrilli, PA Binoy, and Vijayan Gurukkal. Through this process he has conducted: workshops for at-risk youth at community centres across Toronto, residencies at Kanachihih specialized solvent abuse treatment centre in Thunder Bay, and intensive workshops for dance and theater students at National University in Singapore, and Shiv Nadar University in India. Hans seamlessly weaves his competitive experience, academic background, and martial arts practice into well rounded lessons that aim to cultivate excellence in fencing and foster the lusory attitude – the psychological attitude required of a player entering into the play of a game. To adopt a lusory attitude is to accept the arbitrary rules of a game in order to facilitate the resulting experience of play.