Q: I am interested in starting fencing, and I don't have any fencing experience. Can you give me some info about your beginners programs? Is it possible to arrange a "sit in" so I can see what fencing is all about?

A: You are always welcome to "sit in" and watch fencing at TFC. We also encourage you to try for 1 class for $40. If you decide to purchase lesson package in 5, 10 or 20 classes later, the $40 on the first class will be deducted from the package price. Our website has lots of information but if you need more about beginner group lessons, please contact us at (add email address here) and we are more than happy to give you more information.

Q: I am interested in attending fencing lessons at TFC. Do I need to fill in the application form on your website or just come to TFC to register? What are your payment methods?

A: You don't have to sign up on our website. You can come to TFC on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday to register and pay there by cheque or cash.

Q: My son is 11 who is interested in taking fencing lessons at TCF. Is there space available on weekday evenings?

A: Our Beginners Program is available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, new students are welcome to join anytime because our beginners program runs continuously throughout the year.

Q: I am interested in signing my son up for beginners fencing lessons. He is 6 years old now. Is he suitable to take fencing lessons at his age?

A: Normally, the starting age for fencing is 8, but you can bring your son to TFC for an assessment to see if he can start at his age.