Alex Cai

Alex Cai loves to outwit, outplay and outlast, but he’s not playing the popular reality TV showSurvivor – he’s fencing.
Each time Alex Cai walks onto the piste and stands in the en garde position, he’s competing to become the sole survivor.
The 17-year-old Grade 12 Toronto student won the Vancouver Canada Cup Junior Championship in January 2017, and the Canadian National Championship for Men’s Seniors in April 2017.
At the Copenhagen Satellite World Cup in May 2017, Cai finished 13th in the Senior Men’s foil and in October 2016, he placed 6th at the North American Cup for Cadet Men’s in Detroit.

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Cindy Gao

It took Cindy Gao eight years to earn the bragging rights to become Canada’s top female fencing champ.

The 18-year-old who calls Toronto home finished in third-place at the 2017 Junior Pan American Championship in Havana, Cuba and won the senior National Championship title that same year. Gao was named the National Fencing Athlete of the year twice - during the 2016-2017 and 2015 -2016 seasons. 

At the age of 16 in the previous year (check age), Gao won the 2016 Junior Pan American Championship title in Cancun, Mexico for the under 20-year-old women. Gao did double duty during that event where she also competed in the Cadet Pan American Championship for the under 17-year-old girls category and placed second. She also won the North American Cup in 2016 and finished sixth at the Cadet World Championships that same year.

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A Fencing Parent’s Guide to Grooming an Elite Athlete


Where does greatness come from? Does it come from natural talent? Or the right teacher? Or a hearty work ethic?

The truth is that greatness doesn’t come from any one thing. As parents, we want to give our children the best and most opportunities that we can. And that’s a tough job. Not only are we responsible for teaching them, nurturing them and giving them a loving environment, but parents of athletes also find themselves being charged to motivate, train and guide their children through the challenges of high level performance.

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2015-2016 多伦多击剑俱乐部年度報告

多伦多击剑俱乐部(Toronto Fencing Club)的每一天都充满着忙碌的背影和勤奋的身姿.从初学者到世界级别的参赛者,从周一到周日,从技术训练,体能训练到实战训练, TFC 82名会员洒下的汗水,浇灌着剑馆的发展和成长,让俱乐部显得生机勃勃。
这一切,离不开多伦多击剑俱乐部的主教练何曉文(Peter Ho),他招靡的教练精英团队:Tim Svidnytskiy, Alice Lu, Chris Granert, Cathy Granert ,William Wong, Adrian Liggins 和 Kamil Karbonowski。今年四月份,多伦多俱乐部还迎来了2004年奥运会女子重剑选手Monique Kavelaars, 走马上任俱乐部的教练协调员和训练合伙人. 八月份,来自委内瑞拉国家队少年组男子重剑教练助理Simon Duran加盟TFC。来自魁北克的国家队花剑选手Etienne Lalonde 和Anthony Prymack应邀到TFC担任访问教练. 至此,多伦多俱乐部的教练队伍完美组合完毕,从初学者到世界大赛的参赛者,都有优秀的教练引兵训练。这支实力雄厚的教练队伍,在彼特的率领和示范下,为俱乐部不同级别的会员提供不同的训练计划和组合, 努力帮助每一位俱乐部成员设定并现自己的奋斗目标。

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