Toronto Fencing Club is dedicated to the development and refinement of all fencers, from beginners and recreational fencers
to high performance athletes, world champions, and Olympians.

Our vision is to promote the sport of fencing for athletes of all ages,
from 6 to 60+.

Toronto Fencing Center 20th Anniversary

TFC has grow from 8 University and Veteran epeeists to 60+ competitive members and 30+ beginners (range from 6 – 70 year old) in both foil and epee. In 20 years we have produce 30 Canadian Cadet, Junior and Senior National Team members in both foil and epee (WE 16/ME 7/MF 4/WF 4). We have our in-house physiotherapy clinic, English tutoring service, conditioning equipment + instructors, armor stations, equipment + provincial armors,  shower, locker + changing rooms, conference room, laundry room, kitchen + Chef, outdoor bicycle trail + grass field, 8 walking distance restaurants + supermarket make it better than my dream club when I came to Canada 25 years ago. Our 10 coaches from Ukraine, China, Philippine, England, Hong Kong, Venezuela and Canada give our members exposure to different schools of thought in fencing. Our impressive parents and experience members offer advice on competition selection, running competitions, organizing party, purchase equipment aboard, teach how to fixing equipment make TFC like a family. Don’t think I can do without every single one of them. Our competitive members show our club culture when travel to competitions both local and aboard. I am proud to be part of them no matter they win or loose. Hope this spirit can continue to grow in the next 20 years even after I retire from coaching.
Peter Ho 


$270 for 8 lessons

Our Beginner Program is designed for those who have no fencing experience.  Athletes of all ages are welcome.

Personal Training

Sharpen your skills

Renowned coaches with experience in both national and international competition are available to provide individual lessons to members and guests.

Group Program

Drills and Exercise

Group training classes include warm-up games and stretching, footwork drills, pair blade work, fitness, and structural electric bouting.

Outreach and Education

Bring fencing to your school

We offer two or three day fencing education units for Health and Physical Education programs at local schools.

We are pleased to announce that
Toronto Fencing Club has made the NFCR’s Honour Roll of

Best Fencing Clubs

Further details can be found on National Fencing Club Rankings

Members are welcome to train six days a week.

Weekdays 5-10pm | Saturdays 10am- 6pm

Foil Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday | Epee Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday | Sabre Friday
Hours may vary due to camps and competitions. Email or text 647-272-5438 to confirm.