Outreach Program

The outreach school program is a 2 or 3 day educational fencing unit as a part of Health & Physical Education class. Lessons include PowerPoint/SmatBoard presentation about how fencing looks like and how it changed throughout history. Further students will learn basic fencing games and fundamentals of the sport such as respect, En Garde stance, parries, footwork and lunging. Culminating in students actually putting on real fencing protective equipment with a foil in hand and having an opportunity to do some competitive fencing against one another.

Students are provided with all necessary gear as well as study material for the quiz upon completion of the unit. The lessons are designed for maximal participation and inclusive of all students.

Cost for 2 day unit is $25/student.

Cost for 3 day unit is $30/student.

Tim Svidnytskiy
BA Ed, BA PE & Kin, OCT Member
Out Reach Manager of Toronto Fencing Club
Epee High Performance and Beginner Coach

Tim Svidnytskiy 647-9725589

Kris Ewing
Health & Physical Education Teacher
University of Toronto Schools

“Tim offers a great introduction to the basics of fencing with variations in activity that allow for learning to take place in a fun, active environment. In three lessons, students learned enough to engage in a mini-tournament that sparked interest for many to seek out extra-curricular interest beyond the classroom. Most importantly, students spent the majority of the class actively engaged both physically and strategically; meeting the ministry expectations for healthy active living. Tim is an engaging instructor who aims to provide young people with a positive learning environment that promotes physical literacy for ALL involved.”

Ms. Inge Plesh
Healthy Active Living Department
St Joan of Arc High School
Barrie, Ontario

“The Fencing Unit that was accomplished in only two days was outstanding! We want to thank Tim for a great learning experience in a very positive and safe environment. He was an excellent communicator, modifying activities based on ability level with ease and showed the students that fencing is an excellent workout. The students learned a little about the history of the sport, how competitions work in modern fencing events, performed excellent lead up drills and finished with a full tournament. Tim is truly passionate about his sport and he definitely provided an experience that my students will not forget”.