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Peter Ho

Peter represented Hong Kong in Men’s Epee between 1989 and 1993. He fenced for Hong Kong at the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, the 1990 Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Manchester, the 1990 World Championships in Lyon, and many Asian Fencing Championships and World Cups. He ranked 9th at the Asian Games, the World Cup in Melbourne and the Asian Championship.

Peter has coached fencing in Hong Kong since 1982 and Canada since 1993. Highlights include 1989-1993 Hong Kong National Wheelchair Fencing Head Coach; 1992 Barcelona Paralympic Wheelchair Fencing Hong Kong National Team Coach; 1998-2000 Canadian Women’s Epee National Team Coach; 1999 Winnipeg Pan Am Games Women Epee Canadian National Team Coach; 2000 Sydney Paralympic Wheelchair Fencing Canadian National Team Coach.

Peter was awarded in 1996 and 1997 Women’s Epee Coach of the Year by FAC (Fencing Academy of Canada). He has produced over 30 Canadian National Team Fencers in Foil, Epee & Wheelchair Fencing; Double Bronze medallist at Youth Olympic in Men Epee; 3 Silver Medals in Barcelona Paralympic; 6 Paralympians & 2 Olympians in Women Epee at Athens & Women Modern Pentathlon at London.

Founder and Head Coach of Toronto Fencing Club, Peter was also 2012-2013 Ontario Epee Provincial Coach. He holds NCCP Level III in Epee and Foil, Learning Facilitator in Community Instructor Certificate & Aide Moniteur by OFA & CFF. Peter also hold a FIE C License in Refereeing in Epee.
(Cell) 647-272-5438

Peter Ho’s Students
Canadian National Team
First Name Last Name Sex Team Year Achievement
Weapon Sr Jr Cd From To
1 Renata Grodecka F Epee X 1994 2000 6 times National Champ in Sr WE
2 Tanya Tygeson F Epee X 1994 1998 2nd WE Pan Am Championship
3 Heather Landymore F Epee X 1994 1999 3rd WE 1994 Commonwealth Championship
4 Leslie-Ann Gervais F Epee X X 1994 1998 1st WE NAC 1996
5 Monique Kavekaars F Epee X 1995 2005 4th WE Team 2004 Athens Olympic
6 Sylvie Morel F Foil/Epee X 1999 2001 9th WE 2000 Sydney Paralymic (wheelchair fencing)
7 Leigh Voigt F Foil X 2002 2003 1st WF 2002 Cd Pan-Am
8 Claire Voigt F Epee X X 2003 2006 3rd WE 2006 Jr Pan Am
9 Joanna Guy F Epee X X X 2003 2014
10 Ainsley Switzer F Epee X 2005 2011 8th Grand Prix World Cup in St Maur
11 Karl Jr Gardner M Epee X X 2006 2009 3rd Junior NAC
12 Sebastian Didcock-Dubois M Epee X 2009 2009
13 Ilyas Khamis M Epee X 2010 2010
14 Alexandre Lyssov M Epee X 2010 2013 Double bronze in Youth Olympic 2010 Singapore
15 Joanna Kolbe F Epee X 2011 2011
16 Donna Valakis F Epee X 2012 2016 Modern Pentathlon London Olympic 2012
17 Zoe Loh F Foil X 2012 2012
18 Alexis Rudkovska F Epee X 2013 2013
19 Nikola Damjanovic M Epee X 2014 2014 2nd Cadet NAC
20 Sahil Bablani M Epee X 2014 2014
21 Hannah Beach F Epee X 2014 2014
22 Cindy Gao F Epee X X 2016 Now 6th Cadet World Championship, medal Jr/Cd NAC
23 Mateusz Kozak M Foil X 2016 Now
24 Ying Cao F Foil X X 2016 Now
25 Alex Cai M Foil X 2017 Now 8th Cadet NAC
26 Daniel Li M Foil X 2017 Now
27 Shirley Wang F Epee X 2017 Now
28 Shirley Guo F Epee X X X 2017 Now Bronze medal in Junior Pan Am
29 Simon Poon M Foil X 2017 Now
30 Ted Vinnitchouk M Epee X 2017 Now

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